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All of our reusable bags can be custom printed with your logo and we offer volume discounts so request a quote and we will get back to you quickly.. There's a big difference between wanting to use reusable bags and actually using reusable bags. Custom TSI Reusable Bags makes following through easy, with our stylish line of eco-friendly recyclable shopping bags. Showcase your supermarket, school, or event with TSI Reusable Bags. Ranging from totes and wine bags, to backpacks and shopping bags, our reusable bags bring convenience to any shopping experience. Once we place your custom made logo on the bags, an instant built-in advertising tool takes over. Choose TSI Reusable Bags. Customers will applaud your conservation efforts and you won't feel too bad about it either.

Reusable bags at wholesale pricing:! When you get products straight from the manufacturer you are cutting out the middleman ensuring you get the best product at the lowest price. Here is the best part; we can make you a custom reusable bag. We are not only wholesalers of reusable bags; we are the manufacturers so we are in the business of making new products. We have made custom bags for huge grocery store chains, and a small start up product for a local dry cleaner.


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TSI Reusable Bags brings environmental awareness, convenience, and style to the shopping arena. We offer high quality, eco-friendly, and durable reusable and recyclable shopping bags. It's our mission to deliver the best products, while supporting customers, retailers, and the going-green movement.