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Grocery Bags
We are stocked with a variety of grocery bags. Different materials, colors, designs, and a highly sought after custom logo-ready option, makes our grocery bags stand out. Feel confident in your grocery bags, by choosing from our attractive line.

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Fred Meyers Ban on Plastics Going Strong

Fred Meyers made the "Ban Plastic Bags" move just this past August and the movement's going strong. The grocery store chain implemented the ban on plastic bags to trigger environmental awareness in Portland, Oregon and potentially around the globe. It really is an all-out ban on plastics, leaving customers with no plastic bag choice upon checkout.

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Just the Plastic Bag Facts

The truth behind plastic bags is astonishing and disheartening. A million plastic bags are used every minute around the globe and even when placed in the recycle bin, each bag will spend an estimated ten to twelve years to fully decompose in the landfill.

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BYOB Movement Underway

The Bring Your Own Bag movement launched in June of 2010 and though, the AB1998 ban on plastic bag legislation failed in California this past August, many environmentally conscious consumers continue to fight for a strict recyclable and

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Reusable Bags and Buying in Bulk

There are more and more ways to go green. Two of the easier choices revolve around recyclable bags and buying in bulk. So many markets nowadays offer reusable bags at the counter for purchase. And while many consumers choose to buy

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Paper, Plastic, or Reusable?

Usually at the checkout counter we are given only two out of three choices. It's a, "paper or plastic" question. Wouldn't it be something if it became common practice to be asked about a reusable bag option? Or better yet, maybe the reusable bag

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L.A. Approves Ban on Plastic Bags

It's been a long time coming, four years to be exact, that environmentalists have attempted to get the plastic bag ban through to the L.A. City Council. As of May 23rd, Los Angeles became the largest city in the country to approve the ban on plastic bags in supermarkets. CLICK HERE to read the entire "Ban on plastic bags at L.A. markets is approved" Los Angeles Times May 23, 2012 article.

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Why You Should Use Custom Event Bags

In the marketing of a particular business, custom event bags are considered as an excellent strategy to use for organizations who want to attract potential clients, and keep existing ones. Such bags can actually contribute a lot when it comes to the promotion of an organization by informing the people about a particular brand.

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Why Use Reusable Wine Bags?

It was during the 90’s when a sudden push to eliminate all forms of waste in order to reduce carbon footprints brought about the idea of reusable bags in grocery stores. Reusable wine bags take that very concept a step further.

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The Importance of Custom Reusable Wine Bags

We all like to do our part when it comes to preserving and protecting the environment, so using one of many custom reusable wine bags seems like a no brainer. But with all the choices out there, there are times when one must wonder: is it really that important to have reusable wine bags to carry my wine? 

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Reusable Shopping Bags Bulk – A Convincing Promotional Tool

Almost nothing can compete with the effectiveness of reusable shopping bags bulk. They support your efforts to help the natural environment, create your business’s “green” image, facilitate your consumers, and of course, help you make substantial savings. 

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Redefine Your Fashion and Environmental Approach With Reusable Shopping Bags

Consider yourself an environmentally-friendly person who constantly looks for ways to protect the natural environment? If yes, then you would have definitely become a part of that revolutionary brigade supporting and utilizing reusable shopping bags. But do you know that these reusable bags have now become much more than an environmental statement?

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Bring a Positive Environmental Change With Reusable Grocery Bags

Nowadays, a majority of supermarkets and retail stores have stopped providing plastic bags. As a matter of fact, they encourage their consumers to avoid using plastic bags and rely on reusable grocery bags. They even arrange concession incentives for people who carry their own tote bags. Wonder why these stores go to such lengths to promote reusable bags?

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Reusable Bags Wholesale – An Eco-Friendly yet Cost-Effective Choice

Think you don’t need to go for reusable bags wholesale only because you are not a retailer? Well, getting reusable grocery and shopping bags in bulk involve such great features and benefits that you might want to think about your decision once again. It is a great idea to make reusable totes a part of your promotional gifts’ inventory.

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Top Reasons Why you Should Go for Personalized Shopping Bags

No matter whether you are a motivated, performance-driven business owner eager to make your organization a huge success or looking for a long-lasting, effective solution to reduce your ecological footprint, you should consider opting for reusable shopping bags. They will not only help you save the planet, but will also bring your business in the limelight. 

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How to Make an Impact with Custom Trade Show Bags

Trade shows are perhaps one of the greatest times for you to showcase your brand in front of existing clients and to get noticed by potential ones.

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Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Offer Unimaginable Benefits to Businesses

Are you one of those caring retailers who present shopping and grocery bags to their consumers? If yes, then it’s time to figure out if you have the same concern for your planet as well. Are you sure that you’re not unintentionally making contributions to the litter and pollution problems in the world? 

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Benefits of Using Reusable Bags

So, it’s that time you grab your list and decide to go grocery shopping? Do you use plastic bags that you consider more convenient or do you bring your own reusable bags?  

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Why Go For Cheap Reusable Bags

Cheap reusable bags should be used by everyone instead of non reusable bags. This is because these reusable bags have a lot of environmental benefits which make them a better option. Since these bags can be reused over and over again, they do not need to be disposed off into the environment after every use.

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Take Advantage of the Wine Tote Bags Wholesale

A wine tote bag has numerous advantages and environmental benefits. So why would you not want to take the advantage of the wine tote bags wholesale? You can get so many at a discounted price and you can make use of all of them continuously so that you do not have to see a plastic bag in your life ever again.

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Wine Bags Wholesale

Wine bags are great to carry your wine bottles which are often difficult to carry in cartons. Having a wine bag will not only make your life easier, but would also be extremely eco friendly because of its ability to be used over and over again. These wine bags are also stronger and more durable than your regular plastic bags.

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Reusable Grocery Totes: Why are They a Better Option

Reusable anything is a better option compared to non reusable items. This is mainly because the non reusable items are just tossed out into the trash after use and in some cases such items are harmful to the environment. A perfect example is that of plastic bags, which are not environmentally friendly, and are thrown away after being used once or twice.

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