So, it’s that time you grab your list and decide to go grocery shopping? Do you use plastic bags that you consider more convenient or do you bring your own reusable bags?  

If you use their bags, let’s see if you know about this simple fact that plastic bags that are buried in landfills can actually take up to 1000 years to break down? Which if you put it in human years is virtually forever. 

Did you also know that during this process of breaking down for over the next 1000 years, they begin to separate into tiny, tiny pieces of toxic particles that further contaminate water and soil? So, the more plastic bags we throw away, the more toxic particles begin to settle on water and soil.

Paper and plastic bags are actually distributed at various shopping outlets around the world and are creating all sorts of environmental issues. Oil consumption, overfilled landfills, dead animals, pollution, the list could go on. So, the best way to avoid these problems is to invest in some reusable bags that you can use for all of your shopping needs. 

So, you’re probably thinking what about paper bags? Would those be a “better” choice as compared to plastic? Well, the answer’s “No”, paper doesn’t break down any faster than plastic does. Nothing really degrades when it comes to the landfills and paper bags actually end up taking more space than plastic bags. Most people decide to recycle paper bags, which in itself involves energy consumption as well.

Paper bags, of course, come from trees which may seem like a logical argument, but if you think about it you’re cutting down trees to carry your groceries. Trees are absorbers of greenhouse gases, so by cutting them down you’re simply increasing the amount of greenhouse emission in the environment.

So, the answer to all of this, Reusable bags, these eco-friendly bags come in various colors, sizes and are actually made from different materials. They are strong, versatile, and actually last a long time. 

An easy way to do your part to save the world is to start carrying reusable bags. 

Environmental Benefits of Reusable Bags

Unfortunately, when it comes to the economics of plastic recycling, it actually costs more to recycle the bag than to make a new one. As a result, few plastic bags are recycled and most of them are left to linger around for the next 1000 years as mentioned earlier, whether they are in landfills, in oceans, on trees anywhere. Animals are dying from eating little toxic parts and the environment as well as the atmosphere is simply being polluted by their distribution and production. Oil is used to produce plastic bags, meaning that the more plastic bags we begin to use, the more oil we end up using. And let’s not forget that oil is finite and a non-renewable resource. 

Think about it, with so many problems related to plastic and paper bags, should we just do ourselves a favor and start using reusable bags? So, the next time you go to the grocery store and the cashier asks “Plastic or Paper? Why not support the environment and tell them, “No, thank you, I’ve got my own bags”.