Fred Meyers made the "Ban Plastic Bags" move just this past August and the movement's going strong. The grocery store chain implemented the ban on plastic bags to trigger environmental awareness in Portland, Oregon and potentially around the globe. It really is an all-out ban on plastics, leaving customers with no plastic bag choice upon checkout. Customers will only have the option of either paper bags or reusable, recyclable shopping bags. Admittedly, paper bags are better than plastic bags, but still not on the same level as reusable bags. Fred Meyers followed the Whole Food Market chain's lead in the war on plastic bags and landfill overload. The custom logo reusable bags are also making quite a hit in super markets across the country, enticing consumers to purchase their own set of recyclable bags for future shopping trips. There's room for improvement in the Fred Meyers plastic bag ban, since they haven't yet been able to completely eliminate every type of plastic bag used in their grocery stores, but their current noteworthy steps toward bettering the environment are sure catching the attention of many reusable and recyclable bag backers.