The truth behind plastic bags is astonishing and disheartening. A million plastic bags are used every minute around the globe and even when placed in the recycle bin, each bag will spend an estimated ten to twelve years to fully decompose in the landfill.

Not only that, just in the making of paper and plastic bags over twelve million barrels of oil and fourteen million trees are used per year. At times, the going-green movement seems out or reach. It's as if there really isn't a good time to jump in and knowing what to do can become more cumbersome than doable. Joining the reusable and recyclable shopping bag movement is a practical move. Many retailers now offer reusable bags at the cash register and certain incentives for the continued use of recyclable bags. Some cities have already committed to the environmentally friendly cause. In March of 2010, San Francisco, California instated a complete ban on the use of plastic bags. With more and more of the public becoming aware of the environmental consequences of plastic bag use, look for reusable bags to gain popularity.