It's been a long time coming, four years to be exact, that environmentalists have attempted to get the plastic bag ban through to the L.A. City Council. As of May 23rd, Los Angeles became the largest city in the country to approve the ban on plastic bags in supermarkets. CLICK HERE to read the entire "Ban on plastic bags at L.A. markets is approved" Los Angeles Times May 23, 2012 article.

TSI Reusable Bags celebrates the new Los Angeles ordinance. The ban is projected to take  anywhere from six to twelve months for a complete elimination of plastic bags, dependent on the size of the store. TSI Reusable Bags recognizes the effort and extends gratitude to those involved in making the plastic ban dream a reality. We have long been a proponent in the ban of plastic bags movement. TSI Reusable bags has not only backed the cause, but also implemented our own strategy by providing optimum reusable bags tp be used in a variety of circumstances.

We encourage all consumers to purchase our TSI Reusable Bags today and start spreading the word, and the significance of the cause, early and with pride. The plastic bag run is soon coming to a close.