Usually at the checkout counter we are given only two out of three choices. It's a, "paper or plastic" question. Wouldn't it be something if it became common practice to be asked about a reusable bag option? Or better yet, maybe the reusable bag

will someday become the norm, with no checkout questions. It's a war of sorts, mixing the old with the new. The ban on plastics appears to be leading the way. The presence of reusable bags continues to make a strong showing, with many shoppers opting to bring their own personal reusable bags to the stores. Environmentally conscious consumers are well aware of how much reusable bags can add to saving the environment. It's a positive impact, not to be overlooked. Many still prefer paper bags, and though they are a better alternative to disposable plastic bags, they still don't measure up to the reusable and recyclable bags. Look for ban on plastic bags legislation to bring more attention to this ever-important issue.